Thursday, July 22, 2010

Alright already!

So what is the big deal with me?! Do I not have a quick moment to update? Seriously, I think I over schedule myself! I am a go getter like my dad! Well, a bajillion things have happened since last I posted, so I don't think I will go through details. This summer, we went to Ukraine to visit my parents! We, of course left the kiddos, there is no way I would travel those flights with the three! They would want to kill me and vice versa. It was so beautiful! The people were amazing, the food was fresh and being with Pres. and Sister Fry was the biggest treat ever! We laughed the entire time, especially at my attempt to speak Russian. I struggle with English, so what was I thinking of trying to speak russian?! Mo and I are attempting to run the Marathon and are in the middle of training! Yep, no typo, and yes, we are that crazy! We have actually have had a blast and have come a long way! We are quite a sight with the double and single stroller!

This little girl is learning to read and is doing rather well. She is having fun swimming in Grandma/pa's pool all summer!

This little girl is enjoying going over all her letters and sounds, numbers and different flash cards.

This little guy is my stud muffin. My girls will inform me that, "Your stud muffin is up mommy". He
understands more than we realize, is picking up words like crazy and is up on anything and everything. He loves to ride the little wiggle riders we have!

Mo is almost done with the Master's! YAY!!!!!! I get my hubby back! I am just busy playing with the kiddos and getting ahead with preschool stuff for this nex
t year!


*Aliese* said...

Your pictures from Ukraine are awesome! I didn't know you guys had gone to visit; that's so fabulous. I can't believe how big your kiddos are getting. And YAY for the Masters almost being finished; what an incredible accomplishment!

The Leeflangs said...

so fun to hear your updates!!! your kids are getting so big so fast! They are all do cute!

Jocee said...

So glad to see you updated! Your kids are getting so big! I'm so glad you got to visit your parents. What an exciting trip! I hope all is well!

Lyndy Staheli said...

It looks like you guys had such a fun trip. I'm sure it was nice to have a get away with out all the kids. My kids love the wiggle cars too. I even have a good time on those things.

Mead Family said...

We heard you guys were heading over to the Ukraine-so jealous!! Your pictures look so fun and good for you guys for running a marathon! We did that two years ago and it is a second job with all of the time it takes to train-you look fabulous!

bryce and paige said...

What a fun vacation to see your parents! I can't believe you are running the marathon, you are so amazing! I want to someday too. Hey, the kids and I are going to be at my parents for next semester. I was wondering what you do for preschool for your girls? I want to sign-up Lucy for something; just wanted to know what you do. Thanks so much. Guess we'll see you guys soon. We really should get the girls together to play. Lucy would love it.

Stef Bassett said...

you guys have such a cute family!!! hope you are doing well! :)